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I was a couple of minutes early, messaged and was advised to go ahead up. Aneta met me at the entryway in an a concept that boggles any weak minded person two piece outfit. Who cares. She was grinning, a grin that lights up a room and that never left her face. She took me to a pleasant room, gift done, and the kissing, that had as of now started, proceeded. This young lady LOVES to kiss and does as such enthusiastically without exorbitant tongue.....and she kisses consistently. She uncovered me and requesting that I sit on the edge of the bed. She cleared out with the $$$ for one moment or two returned, still dressed, and chose some music on her telephone and continued to do a strip-bother/lap move. Stunning!!!
by Adam, from UK | Written on 2016-08-31
Tina was shoeless when she welcomed me, was still taller than I at my 5'7". I measure 150, and I wager she is near 200. She has put on weight since her photos, yet there is NO fat. She is out and out strong. Her face is round, her cheeks are charming, her grin is welcoming, her kisses exotic. She has a most charming accent, yet she is completely familiar. She really is 100% directable, willing and ready to do whatever you ask, and is bona fide about ensuring you are upbeat. I cleaned up first and turned out in a towel. DFK prompted her stroking me through the towel, and I was at that point beginning to meet people's high expectations. I stroked her bosoms through her concealment. Her bosoms were high and firm and I was amazed that she was bra less.
by Lucas, from South London | Written on 2016-05-11
Positives: This is an extremely delightful young lady without being a 10. Obviously Daniella's photos look better. Be that as it may, her kind disposition, state of mind, and euphoria are difficult to coordinate. Positively she will be towards the highest point of any man's rundown of encounters. There was no requirement for lube in light of the fact that, despite the fact that she didn't O with my thoughtfulness regarding DATY, she got bounty wet. That is constantly decent, staying away from the lube. She is a sweet and delicate young lady and her English is adequate; sufficient to comprehend a joke and giggle generously which we did together.
by Tom, from London | Written on 2016-03-12

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